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Well, I am quite the ancient creature and it took me the last few years to reconcile I am no longer half my age.  I have varied interests, am wonderfully impulsive and  often take on challenges I feel are beneficial regardless of the odds.  An old boss once shared ” if it is worthy and really important, then we have to try regardless of the odds”.  Truly a greater fool was he, and a man I had the highest measure of respect for.  

“Best in country”,  “best in industry,  “changed the whole landscape”, “Genius”, “…gave me a complete meltdown” (a competitor), were some accolades heaped on past successes.   The best compliment ever – “thank you for helping …”.

All these also meant I made so many mistakes, sometimes I wished I could stick my head up my own arse.

Oh I have so many stories  – and hopefully with at least a few more to unfold.

Vic – saberforce@gmail.com

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